Privacy Policy




Harpole Bowling Club ('HBC’) has identified that the misuse of the Personal Information of Bowls Club members could have serious consequences for both the person(s) affected and the Club.


‘HBC’ is an applicable organisation under the Data Protection Act (1998) and the General Data Protection Regulations (2018). This Policy applies to Personal Information collected by 'HBC', and sets out the principles governing our processing of that information, and the way we use, keep secure and disclose it.


It is the Policy of 'HBC' to empower The General Committee to control the Personal Information relating to members. By providing Personal Information about themselves to 'HBC', members agree to the processing, storing and use of that information in accordance with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy.


‘HBC’ will always deal with Personal Information responsibly and in accordance with individuals instructions.


Collection of Personal Information


We will limit the collection of Personal Information to that which is necessary for us to communicate with members and manage the activities of ‘HBC’. Personal Information including full name and title, postal address, telephone and/or mobile numbers, and email address, will be collected in the form of an application form, and kept securely in the Club office.


Members will also be given the opportunity to provide information for use In Case of Emergency (ICE) which will be held in the ‘HBC’ kitchen, to be used solely for that purpose.


If any further information such as for The Bowls Development Alliance is required, members will be told the purposes for which that information is required.


Information Access and Corrections


You have a right of access under the General Data Protection regulations to information we hold about you on our records.


The accuracy of personal information depends on the information you provide to us, so we recommend that you:

·       let us know if there are any errors in your personal information; and

·       keep us up to date with changes to your personal information.


Use of Personal Information.


We will process your personal information using your consent as the lawful basis for controlling and processing the data. We will request your authorisation for processing your personal information, as described below, at the time of application or as deemed necessary by the Committee. Your authorisation will be reviewed annually by the General Committee at renewal of membership.



We will process your Personal Information in order to manage the activities of ‘HBC’ including the following:-

·       To maintain our membership database, and to facilitate the administration and management of the Club by post, telephone or email;

·       To contact you with information relating to your membership, or application for membership, and details of events and other matters which we think will be of interest to you.

·       To communicate information to other affiliated bowls clubs about fixtures.

·       To communicate membership information to Bowls Northamptonshire, Bowls England, ESMBA,

NSMBA and the Bowls Development Alliance.

·       To produce and print our annual fixture lists, post holder details and member contact lists.


You can refuse to give consent to any of the individual requests without detriment to your membership of ‘HBC’.


The organisations to which we may disclose your personal information.


The people who may have access to your Personal Information are:

·       the appointed Committee Members of ‘HBC’, and nominated Responsible Persons who organize and manage ‘HBC’ activities and who will operate in accordance with this policy.

·       other ‘HBC’ members for arranging competition matches and shared transport.

·       other clubs affiliated to Bowls England and ESMBA

·       Bowls England & Bowls Northamptonshire.

·       ESMBA & NSMBA.

·       Bowls Development Alliance.


We will not reveal any of your information to any external organisation unless we have previously informed you, and we have obtained your authority to do so.




We will store your personal information in paper-based form or on computer(s), from your application for membership and for as long as you are a member of the Club. After you cease to be a member, your personal information will be retained for a period of 3 months, before being deleted/destroyed. After you cease to be a member, you will have the option of giving your express consent for your Personal Information to remain on our database, for the purposes of receiving communications relating to ‘HBC’ news and events only.




We strive to maintain the reliability and accuracy of Personal Information. Although we cannot guarantee the security of all transmissions of personal information, especially where the internet is involved, we take all reasonable steps to prevent this from happening. You accept the inherent security implications of providing information and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security or disclosure of information unless we have been proved to be negligent.


Members who hold Personal Information of other ‘HBC’ members for purposes of arranging ‘HBC’ activities, do so on the understanding that they will keep the information as secure as possible in accordance with this Policy and not share any Personal Information with any third party.


Any member sending a circular email is required to use the “bcc” blind copy facility for the email recipient addresses.


Opt-out choice.


You have the right to withdraw at any time your agreement to any of the individual consent options, by writing to The Secretary.


If now or at any time in the future you decide that you do not wish to receive information from us, please inform the Secretary by email or by letter. Withdrawal of consent will be acted on within 3 months.




We may take photographs of you attending matches or other events and we may wish to use them for marketing and advertising purposes, or publishing on our website (when and if this has been designed and built).


We will not use any photograph which includes you unless we have previously informed you and we have obtained your authority to do so.


Privacy Policy Changes.


The General Committee will carry out reviews and revisions to this Policy at regular intervals.


The Secretary shall seek guidance when necessary from Bowls England and refer to their related publications, to enable best management practice to be implemented.