Etiquette & Dress Code

Basic Rules of Bowling Etiquette

Respect the dress code and dress correctly. Dress code has moved on in recent years!!!

Do not distract a player who is about to bowl.

Stay behind the mat or behind the head when it is not your turn to play.

Do not criticise your playing partners, it will reduce their confidence whereas praise will increase it (if you cannot say anything good about a player bowls, silence is golden, nobody plays a bad bowl deliberately.)

Remember as soon your bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink passes to your opposition.

Be prepared to move away from rink markers. Some players use these as a guide to how much green to take.

Pay attention to the game, maintain your concentration and encourage those who may be having a bad game.

Stand back from the head when firing shots are played.

At your own discretion compliment your opponent if he/she plays a particularly  good shot, (remember to praise your opponent will increase his/her confidence)

Be a good ambassador to the game.

Do not interrupt the players responsible for deciding who has won the end.

Display exemplary conduct on the green and in the clubhouse at all times.

At the end of the game be magnanimous if lost and humble if you have won. Whatever the result congratulate your opponents on a game well played.


When a team visits us for a game they are our guest for the afternoon so by association the player we play against is your guest.

At the end of the game and before we sit down to tea it is normal practice to offer to buy a drink from the bar.

Should you find that you cannot stay for the traditional tea it is still good manners to apologise for not stopping but still offer to buy your opponent a drink.

This same arrangement applies when you are playing away and you are unable to stop for tea.

This principle also applies when playing in competitions be they club or county.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should not be taken onto the green. It can be very distracting to have a ring tone sound off when you or an opponent is about to bowl.

Dress standards

As a private club, dress standards are  observed when on the green.

Since Covid we have now adopted a much simpler dress code and basically its grey and whites

Roll ups and practice smart casual wear is acceptable.

Footwear - Correct bowling shoes should be worn at all times - bowls shoes or flat bottomed trainers if weather dry 

Tops - Club shirt , Should you not have a club shirt then a white shirt/blouse will suffice until the club can supply you.

Bottom - Grey trousers or skirt

Bowls  - The club can provide you with bows to use for you to try out